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  1. Importation–

Gumti Fire Technology imports quality products from 2004. All kinds of fire Extinguisher, Fire alarm system and equipment are imported from England, Malaysia and China.  Our products are BSTI approved.

  1. Wholesale and Retail Marketing-

We are marketing our products wholesale and retail. If you are a businessman, you can contact us for better quality products at lower prices. If you are a user, you can contact us for quality products also. Because, our main goal is provide better service through our business.

  1. Installation-

We take responsibility for the installation of sold products. We complete the product installation process with quality full accessories

  1. Safety Inspection-

We provide the best service in safety inspection. From time to time after installation we check the product’s practical condition.

  1. Refilling –

Each fire safety products has a fixed duration. They are needed to be refilled when they expire. With our own skilled workforce, we carry out the refilling work and take on the quality of the product in our own company’s warranty sticker.